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Unfair seizures

I love Minnesota – but it’s crap like this that really P****s me off. According to a story in the StarTribune, collection companies in Minnesota can take people’s money without even proving in court that it is owed. Judicial oversite is required in most states (duh – common sense), it isn’t in Minnesota. WTF?

In dealing with collectors in Minnesota, the deck is stacked against Minnesotoans at each stage of the process. In fact, unlike most other states, collection agencies in Minnesota can begin a lawsuit without even filing anything with the court. I’m not sure how that can be, but nothing surprises me anymore.

According to the article, over the last 4 years seizures sanctioned by the courts have more than tripled. This isn’t a surprise. But… nobody keeps track of the garnishments which occur without any court involvement. And because of the way the laws are in Minnesota, that could be a very very significant number. And this means that if money is taken, which shouldn’t have been taken, the consumer has to initiate court action to prove an error was made and try to get their moneey back! Lets just hope you have enough left to eat while you wait for your chance in court to prove your case.

Can you imagine the hardship this kind of backwards system can put on the elderly and people who are barely surving in this economic climate??

You can check out the story here.

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