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Occupy Wall Street comes to Minneapolis

Somewhere in the area of 300 people converged on Hennepin County MN Center Plaza to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The same, by now familiar themes were addressed in speeches by several of the protesters. Corporate greed and malfeasence, and their influence on polotics and policy in the USA.

A few police were on hand – but like most of the protests throughout the country, it was well behaved and civil.

A sign of the times

Well surprise surprise – the National Labor Relations Board has decided in favor of American Crystal Sugar Co in the company’s dispute with the Union representing it’s workforce. The workers have been locked out for 2 months and is being run by “replacement” workers. I imagine the union members have another name for them.

Aug 1 the Union rejected the company’s contract offer. Then American Crystal locked out the 1300 union employees. The Union claims that the Company hasn’t been negotiating in good faith. The NLRB ruled that the Union didn’t provide adequate evidence to this allegation.

I can’t really claim to know the specifics of this case, and I suppose it is possible the Unions demands are excessive. But from everything that has happened and is happening throughout the country in relation to collective bargaining, I would be surprised if their demands were really that outrageous.

Just looks like a continuation of the trend of weaker and weaker unions. All depends on your perspective as to whether you think that is a good thing or not.

The 7 Minnesota companies who employ the most people.

Fairview Health Services of Minneapolis ranked 7th

employs over 20,000 Minnesotans

Wal-Mart is 6th with almost 20,500.

Allina Health System employs 23,302 people in Minnesota and comes in 5th in the list of largest employers.

Target Corp is 4th employing 30,500 Minnesotans.

Mayo Foundation of Rochester accounts for 32,893 jobs for Minnesota and is 3rd on the list.

The good ole Federal Government comes in numero dos with 34,000 jobs for Minnesotans. (And I can only guess they provide, by far, the best pay for their employees.

And who is #ONE in the number of jobs provided to Minnesotans? The State of Minnesota, of course. The state government accounts for 40,208 jobs. (For the time being anyway. It will be interesting to see what the next few years bring).

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