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Most people would be genuinely shocked to learn how much they can buy a vehicle for at one of these events taking place all the time. If you are strictly in the market for a vehicle (cars, trucks or SUVs), then you will want to look into what is probably the hottest marketplace for used cars and trucks in and around Minnesota right now.

The secret to scoring big at these things has always been to know the whens, wheres and whats. When they are being held, where they are being held and what vehicles will be liquidated? It used to be quite a feat not just to gather this information, but also to stay up to date with them all. These events take place on a regular basis, month after month, and most people never hear or see any mention of them.

Click here to see it for yourself. A one time membership gets you access to an incredible amount of information, a lot of it not even searchable anywhere else on the internet.


If you are even considering buying a used car or truck sometime in the next year, this is a no-brainer.


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