Best Place to Find Used Cars

Best Place To Find Bargains On Used Vehicles!


The 2nd largest purchase a typical household makes, after the House, is a Car.

If you screw this major purchase up, you do serious harm to the household budget. It’s not just the initial cost of the vehicle, but upkeep, repairs and insurance add up to make transportation costs a major challenge in a lot of families.

When the times comes that you need a different vehicle, where do you look? Because where you look makes all the diference in what you get for your money. Look in the wrong places and you will likely waste a lot of money. If you are like 90% of used car buyers, you look in one of the following places:

  • Used car dealership (worst choice)
  • Classified ads
  • Craigs list
  • Ebay
  • Google search (which will give you a combination of the above as results).

It’s not impossible to occasionally find a bargain in one of these places – but it is highly unlikely!

First – a little basic econ 101.

Most products of mas consumption in the marketplace reach a point of relative efficiency. The sheer forces of supply & demand dictate that prices will trend toward a narrow and efficient range.

If someone prices their “widget” too high, some other seller of widgets will price theirs lower, provided there is still sufficient profit in it.

Best Place to Find Used Cars

NEW cars and trucks fall into this category. No matter where you buy a Brand new Ford F-150 pickup truck, the sticker price will be consistant with other dealers.

Sure larger dealerships may be able to pass on some of their discounts for buying in quantity (they usually don’t) or they may offer other incentives such as attractive financing. But the Sticker prices are consistant.

BUT when you move to the area of USED vehicles, the results are much different. You will find HUGE discrepencies in price between similar vehicles. So WHERE you shop makes all the difference.

And, as I mentioned earlier, because transportation costs are amoung the most significant expenses you will make, it would seem to be a “no-brainer” that Buyers would shift their buying habits to the most efficient venues. Very surprisingly, this hasn’t happened – YET. But it will!

Everybody and their brother has heard of Car auctions. Whether repossessed by creditors, seized by law enforcement or surplus from governmental agencies liquidating stock, there is a constant supply of good vehicles being offered and sometimes being sold for silly prices.

You may have become “de-sensitized” to all of the banners and advertisements around the web for these auctions. But don’t assume that because they have been around for a while and you have seen a million ads for them, that they are not worthwhile. Unless you have actually seen what is on offer, you would probably be very surprised – not only by the prices but also the quality of what is sold. A lot of these have been regularly and meticulously serviced from day one.

I have tried most of the Auction Directories out there – and there are a couple good ones (and lots and lots of average ones). The Auction Directory I continue to be impressed with sets the standard as far as reliabilty of information as well as constantly being updated. I honestly do not know how one would even go about gathering all of this information let alone keeping it up to date.

What do you get?

  • Online Federal Car Auctions
  • Seized & Repo Vehicles
  • Clean Titles
  • Direct Auction Links
  • Luxury Cars, SUV’s, Trucks
  • 4,000+ Live US Auctions
  • Complete Auction Guide – learn how to Bid & Buy
  • Expert Auction Buying Tips

Add to the mix that a membership is 2 years instead of one. A lot of services are only one year, requiring you to re-enroll annually. Or worse yet, some have a monthly membership fee with your credit card being charged each and every month. But with a full 2 years you have a valuable resource that I haven’t seen equaled in value for money in the marketplace yet.

If you will be even considering the purchase of a used vehicle sometime in the next 2 years – this is probably one of the best things you can do to make your hard earned money work for you. Get the most vehicle for your money and either pay less than you had planned – or buy a much nicer, newer vehicle than you would ever get at a more traditional venue.

Best Place to Find Used Cars

Check out what they have to offer and get instant access here.

Oh and with any legitimate product that “walks it’s talk”, this is 100% guaranteed. Don’t think it lives up to the hype? Your not out anything.

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