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Editors Choice 2020

A few surprises, for me anyway, from this list from Car&Driver of Best vehicles of 2020. Primarily, didnt expect to see Jeep Gladiator as Top Mid-Sized pickup.

It does do the Off-road thing for sure – it is a Jeep after all! But I guess we all value different things when determining “Best of”. For me, in the category of Best mid-sized pick-up, I am going to value Highway handling and Wind-noise as major considerations. But I spend a great deal of time on the highway, so I probably value these more than the average driver.

But the 4 doors and 2 rows of seats is a big plus for sure. I drove one earlier this year as my friend bought one (he loves it by the way). It has a decent drive train and feels super solid when towing a heavy load.

But the thing seems super long to me. It is a bit more than 18 feet long, which seems to me anyway to be pushing the limits of a “mid-sized” pickup. But maybe I am nit-picking.

I have owned a lot of jeeps in my day, and I do love the brand. And todays Jeep running 75 mph down the highway is nothing like any JeepI have owned in the past. They have come a long way for sure.

But man, they arent cheap! I think they list entry level around 35k, but like anything, by the time you add even some basic add-ons, you can easily get over 50k.

Check out the entire Editors list of Best of 2020 HERE.

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