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Find a fishing boat

by guest contributor Jimmy Draper

As an avid fisherman I am always on the look out to find a fishing boat. Even though I already own 3, the quest for cheap fishing boats has always been an obsession with me. Some people collect stamps – I collect and sell Boats. Not necessarily for huge profits (which I think I could if that was my goal), but just because all of my family, friends and co-workers are also fisherman …. er, fisherPEOPLE, and someone I know is always looking to find a fishing boat.

In the last year I have had tremendous luck buying cheap fishing boats (among other things) at auction. I have managed to find a fishing boat for 2 of my brothers as well as a co-worker. So I have agreed to share a few tips I have learned along the way on how to get the most benefit out of attending an auction. These tips don’t just apply to cheap fishing boats, but any of the property you may find at auction. I have a acquired repossessed autos, a cheap washer and dryer and even 2nd hand bikes at auction.

Check back tomorrow for my tips on how I succeed at auctions and where I find the best sales to attend.

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Minnesota repo cars for sale

Minnesota repo cars for sale

If you are even considering buying a car in the next year, you owe it to yourself to look at Minnesota repo cars for sale. The site I highlighted in the previous article still offers the most complete over all information obtainable for all types of repossessed property. From House foreclosures to electronic scanners and everything in between. But if you are just looking for a car (or truck), then here is another great website which specializes in cars, trucks and SUV’s.

At times these go for up to up to 95% off of Book value. Offering immediate access to more than 4000 updated auctions across the country, this membership is a hugely valuable resource for anyone who is planning on buying a car or truck in the future. You may have to observe the listings for awhile until you run across exactly what you are waiting for, but it could save you LOTS. A one time participation fee gains you  access to a wealth of information, much of it not searchable elsewhere on the internet.

Just as in my favorite all-round sale site which I have already told you about, the vehicles offered for sale on this site come from a variety of sources. The usual sources – drug raids, bank & lender repossessions as well as government surplus vehicles which routinely get rotated out for newer models. Sometime after only a couple of years. Many with full service histories. Some really exceptional vehicles very very cheap if you hit it right.

They do offer some information on other types of auctions:

government surplus property
personal repossessed property
boats and watercraft property
but their main virtue (in my humble opinion) is in vehicles. Not only Minnesota repo cars for sale, but actually info from all across the country. So it may very well be worth it to drive to a surrounding state if you see something really special.

If you are searching for anything other than vehicles, I would still recommend the site showcased in the previous article (Hennepin County property).

But for cars and trucks this is it!!

They did recently have a special price on memberships at right around 40 bucks. If not it should be around fifty which, if you plan to buy a car in the next year, will be the best money you ever spent.

To add the “no-brainer” factor to it, they have a 30 day money back guarantee.


(Although I believe in the services I recommend, it is important that you know – if you purchase any products from the link above, I will make a commission.  Although I would prefer to use it as beer money, I am afraid it will have to go toward maintaining this site and continually updating the information and recommendations therein).

Any comments or suggestions, please send to me at: info@minnesotarepossessions.com

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