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Personal property at Minnesota auctions

Personal property at Minnesota auctions

A lot of people associate your typical Minnesota auctions or for example a Hennepin county sheriff sale with a great opportunity to find cheap homes and/or land. Yes that certainly can be the case, but what doesn’t get near enough press time as far as I’m concerned, is the vast diversity of other types personal property one can find there.  

Just about any item you can conceive of which somebody can own can end up at govt run Minnesota auctions. All of the obvious household items from big screen TVs, washing machines, computers, furniture of all kinds, rugs, clothing, paintings, jewellery and the list can just go on and on. And some items can be extremely valuable, such as antiques and collectables not to mention vehicles of all Makes and Models.  

And the great thing about government run Minnesota auctions is that in most cases the inventory just simply has to go. The items may have been obtained because of debt issues or because of criminal law enforcement activities but the issue of making a “profit” is not the primary motivation for holding the sale. The need to raise capital towards the debts owed, the costs of storage or just the need to get rid of used equipment in order to obtain new stock, frequently require these items to simply be dispersed and whatever price they bring is what they bring. The result can sometimes be prices you seriously would not believe.

Depending on which jurisdiction and which specific types of Minnesota auctions, there will be legal requirements for posting this information to the general public. And sometimes these requirements may be as little as a posting in the back pages of the local newspaper or tacking a notice on the courthouse bulletin board. It is lucky for those of us who are always on the lookout for a bargain that Governmental agencies in general are not good marketers. If they were, everyone would know exactly when, where and what inventory was going to be available at all Minnesota auctions. But that is not the case.

To prove my point, let me ask you reading this post: are you aware of any Gov. run Minnesota Auctions of any type in your area planned in the near future? Chances are very high that wherever you live there are several within driving distance already scheduled for the coming weeks. If you couldn’t name at least a few, I would strongly suggest you visit your county courthouse and inquire as to the posting requirements and where you can obtain this information. 


There are also a couple of paid services which try to keep their members up to date on a whole variety of auctions and Sales throughout the country, including all types of Government agency Minnesota auctions. Currently I think this is the best auction and sale listings service available for these types of Sales. (Note: If you are specifically looking for car or truck bargains, I would recommend you look here). It is extremely inexpensive and offers comprehensive government auctions listings and actually a lot more. Some of they types of listings they provide to members include: 

Federal, state, and local government agency auctions

University Auctions 

Government & Police Auctions 

Federal Government Real Estate Auctions 

Local government and police auctions 

Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures listings 

Ability to search online for items

But the bottom line is, the people with this knowledge of where and when this property is sold will be the people who save many many thousands of dollars and stand the chance of finding the deals of a lifetime at Minnesota auctions nearby.

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    Minnesota Foreclosures

    Minnesota Foreclosures

    There is a growing opportunity in foreclosed homes in MN and repossessions, including Hennepin County property. Obviously the number of foreclosed homes in MN has been a major problem and the trend is expected to continue for some time. Depending on your circumstances, this fact can result in overwhelming hardship or – it can be the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Even though we all experience compassion for those going through difficult times it is also true that economic downturns also create some amazing opportunities for those who put themselves in the right place at the right time – sometimes in a huge way. We can take advantage of the financial opportunities out there (it would be irresponsible not to), and still have compassion and be pro-active in helping members of our community who need it.

    For now it is worth pointing out that the number of foreclosed homes in MN and Hennepin County property in particular are quite substantial and this will most certainly result in some buyers picking up some real steals.

    If you are contemplating a property purchase in the future, in addition to searching the mls online mn listings, I suggest you also at least look here into foreclosed homes in MN. There are la few services and websites which promise to provide access to this information but unfortunately most promise a great deal and deliver much less and are generally quite expensive. That is why a little research beforehand in this regard can save you a lot of aggravation, time and money. By all means have a look at what is out there, but I am quite confident you will end up here.

    Depending on your timing you may be shocked at what you can get and where. It is not just “bad” neighborhoods which are suffering the rash of foreclosures in Minnesota (as well as throughout the country) but every price range of home is being affected. And with the huge inventory of foreclosed homes in MN banks are finding themselves holding, opportunities arise where some of this inventory is being cleared at bargain basement prices.

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