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Minnesota mortgage fraud

We haven’t seen this very often. An agent from Rosemount was sentenced to 3 years probation for fraud in the sale of houses, mostly in North Mineapolis. He was aparently invloved with 2 other men who owned a Roseville real estate company.


His part of the fraud? He agreed to close on up to 175 houses when he knew that many of the applications submitted for loans were fraudulent.


I would imagine if every mortgage broker in the US who pushed through loan applications knowing or suspecting the information contained in thoses applications was false were sent to jail, we would need to build a LOT of new jails to house them all.


Unfortunately only a very few who were responsible for the mess we are in will ever receive any punishment at all for their abuses.

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A sign of the times

Well surprise surprise – the National Labor Relations Board has decided in favor of American Crystal Sugar Co in the company’s dispute with the Union representing it’s workforce. The workers have been locked out for 2 months and is being run by “replacement” workers. I imagine the union members have another name for them.

Aug 1 the Union rejected the company’s contract offer. Then American Crystal locked out the 1300 union employees. The Union claims that the Company hasn’t been negotiating in good faith. The NLRB ruled that the Union didn’t provide adequate evidence to this allegation.

I can’t really claim to know the specifics of this case, and I suppose it is possible the Unions demands are excessive. But from everything that has happened and is happening throughout the country in relation to collective bargaining, I would be surprised if their demands were really that outrageous.

Just looks like a continuation of the trend of weaker and weaker unions. All depends on your perspective as to whether you think that is a good thing or not.

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Unfair seizures

I love Minnesota – but it’s crap like this that really P****s me off. According to a story in the StarTribune, collection companies in Minnesota can take people’s money without even proving in court that it is owed. Judicial oversite is required in most states (duh – common sense), it isn’t in Minnesota. WTF?

In dealing with collectors in Minnesota, the deck is stacked against Minnesotoans at each stage of the process. In fact, unlike most other states, collection agencies in Minnesota can begin a lawsuit without even filing anything with the court. I’m not sure how that can be, but nothing surprises me anymore.

According to the article, over the last 4 years seizures sanctioned by the courts have more than tripled. This isn’t a surprise. But… nobody keeps track of the garnishments which occur without any court involvement. And because of the way the laws are in Minnesota, that could be a very very significant number. And this means that if money is taken, which shouldn’t have been taken, the consumer has to initiate court action to prove an error was made and try to get their moneey back! Lets just hope you have enough left to eat while you wait for your chance in court to prove your case.

Can you imagine the hardship this kind of backwards system can put on the elderly and people who are barely surving in this economic climate??

You can check out the story here.

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