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Occupy Wall Street comes to Minneapolis

Somewhere in the area of 300 people converged on Hennepin County MN Center Plaza to show solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The same, by now familiar themes were addressed in speeches by several of the protesters. Corporate greed and malfeasence, and their influence on polotics and policy in the USA.

A few police were on hand – but like most of the protests throughout the country, it was well behaved and civil.

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The 7 Minnesota companies who employ the most people.

Fairview Health Services of Minneapolis ranked 7th

employs over 20,000 Minnesotans

Wal-Mart is 6th with almost 20,500.

Allina Health System employs 23,302 people in Minnesota and comes in 5th in the list of largest employers.

Target Corp is 4th employing 30,500 Minnesotans.

Mayo Foundation of Rochester accounts for 32,893 jobs for Minnesota and is 3rd on the list.

The good ole Federal Government comes in numero dos with 34,000 jobs for Minnesotans. (And I can only guess they provide, by far, the best pay for their employees.

And who is #ONE in the number of jobs provided to Minnesotans? The State of Minnesota, of course. The state government accounts for 40,208 jobs. (For the time being anyway. It will be interesting to see what the next few years bring).

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We need more of this.

With help from a federal program called the Neighborhood Stabilization Program, around 591 Minneapolis homes are being targeted for rehab and future development (68%), demolition (19%), and the remainder offered to potential buyers with financial incentives (13%).

These are the types of pro-active measures I like to see. The homes are in some of the worst affected by foreclosures and this can provide powerful incentives, not only for buyers to get back in the market, but also in areas that have been hit the hardest. The only way these areas of the city have a chance to rebound is to get people in who will continue to work and take pride in their neighborhoods.

The city is planning a tour (along with LiveMSP) to show 41 of these homes. I hope they have a huge turnout and are encourage more of these policies, here and across the country.

Maps of the homes and route can be found here.

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Minneapolis sellers still lower prices

According to the article I am linking to below, houses in several parts of the Midwest as well as the South have experienced the largest reductions in price, at least percentage-wise.

Minneapolis is one of the cities named. This kind of surprises me. But the data comes from Trulia which I have always thought to be somewhat reliable, so it may actually be true.

Another interesting statistic which they site is that the price reductions are hitting the $2 million and above homes the hardest. They say that nationwide this catagory of home accounts for less than 2% of homes – yet is responsable for about 25% of the amount reduced from total homes for sale.

Here’s the link which included the list of 10 cities (Minneapolis being one of them) where sellers are still cutting prices.

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