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MN employment

According to a headline in todays Star Trib, 125 MN businesses received govt money to create jobs, but failed to create the expected MN employment. Just a quick rundown of the MN empolyment numbers: – over a five year period (’04-’09) 650 deals that gave companies tax breaks, grants or low interest loans. 125 of those companies fell short of delivering the expected jobs.

The conclusion the author seems to come to is that the results show the limitations of government programs to spur business and jobs – and he throws in a “economists say” to make it all so authentic.  (Not sure which economists say this as he doesnt provide any details).

But I think a clue as to what may account for these limitations is found further on in the article.

“Like Minnesota, most states have no policy on how best to spend economic development dollars” … “It’s frighteningly common, in fact” and the telling quote… “It often amounts to political pork being doled out on a geographic or political basis rather than on a strategic basis.”

And that to me says it all – it is not so much a demonstration of the limitations of government to help spur MN employment, as it is limitaions of BAD government. If across these great United States we could get our leaders to reduce the influence of that Political Pork being doled out on that Political Basis, I think our governments would surely be more efficient and more of the citizens would benifit.

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Twin Cities Q1 foreclosures up 22 percent

Twin Cities foreclosures increased by about 22 percent in the first three months of 2010 from the same period one year ago, according to a new industry report out Thursday.

The 8,305 Minnesota and Wisconsin properties with first-quarter foreclosure filings in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region is a 2 percent improvement over the final quarter of 2009, according to the Q1 2010 Metropolitan Foreclosure Report by Irvine, Calif.-based RealtyTrac Inc.

The Twin Cities region’s foreclosure rate ranked 80th highest on a list of 206 United States metropolitan areas with populations more than 200,000.

California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona cities dominated the top of the list.

The report says one in every 162 housing unit properties in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, or 0.62 percent, has at least one foreclosure filing entered into RealtyTrac’s database.

Nationally, 932,234 properties met that criteria in the first quarter, the report said. That’s one in every 138 housing units, or 0.72 percent.

Of the 10 cities with the worst foreclosure rates, eight showed improvement in the first quarter compared to the same time last year.

Read the entire article about the Twin Cities foreclosures.

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