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Who are the richest people in MN?

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Barbara Carlson Gage and Marilyn Carlson Nelson, according to Forbes list of the 400 richest people in the US. They are owners of Carlson Cos based in Minnetonka. According to Forbes they are each worth 3 Billion$.

Not too shabby but not in the same league as a say Christy Walton – of WalMart fame – who has a net fortune in the area of 24.5 Billion$.

A few other individuals from the great state of Minnesota are also included in the list of 400 richest.

Whitney MacMillan at #150 with a measly 2.6 Billion. One of the heirs to Cargill.

Richard Schulze of Best Buy came in with a rank this year of 212with 2 Billion dollars.

Ranked 227 was Stanley Hubbard of St. Paul – chairs Hubbard Broadcasting.

And waaay down at #242 is Glen Taylor of Mankato. With a paultry 1.8 Billion he saw his fortune drop by almost 20% from last year. As the owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves and also Tatlor Corp. I think he will be ok.

While several on the list did see their net worth decline from last year, the 2 Carlson siblings saw their fortunes skyrocket from 1.6 Billion last year. That’s almost double in a year.

Not bad.

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